Honeywell Makerspace

Honeywell Makerspace


Explore the Honeywell Makerspace, and tackle creative engineering challenges built to challenge visitors of all ages. Try your paper airplane and paper rocket-building skills on our paper airplane and rocket launcher. Build your crafty cardboard creations and prototype your inventions to improve aviation.


Explore the Honeywell Makerspace

Open during museum hours for all visitors to use, the Makerspace is a free-flowing space where learners can explore, design, test, and redesign. These hands-on experiences embrace creative, collaborative problem-solving, and engineering principles. This innovative space will be equipped with project-based learning stations and isn’t limited by age.

Whether you’re 1 or 99, prepare to be captivated by aviation explorations that ignite curiosity.


*Makerspace may be closed for school tours during Tuesday through Friday; 10 am -12 pm while school is in session.

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