Aviation Society

In the Aviation Society exhibition, guests will be introduced to the diverse group of people who contribute to the aviation industry locally and globally. In addition to these personal narratives, the area features an F-14 that made a cameo in "Top Gun," an ERCO Ercoupe, an American Champion Citabria, and more iconic aircraft.

Aviation is an industry of great complexity, remarkably diverse in its activities and people. As an industry, aviation offers all people in the Carolinas the opportunity to realize their individual potential, through accessible and varied career options. Together, these individuals make up the Aviation Society and contribute to its economic development.

Aviation Society Aircraft

Citabria Champion 7-ECA
Civilian Registration Number: N11074

Ercoupe 415-C
Serial/Bureau Number: 3805
Civilian Registration Number: N3180H

F-14D Tomcat
Serial/Bureau Number: 161166

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