Volunteer Your Time to Inspire Future Generations

Sullenberger Aviation Museum is committed to excite, inspire, and share the passion of aviation with visitors of all ages. Our goal is to provide our visitors with a memorable experience and increase their aviation knowledge. The Sullenberger Aviation Museum is always looking for skilled, motivated, and dedicated volunteers.

What Do Sullenberger Aviation Museum Volunteers Do?


Critical Success Factors

All Museum volunteers are engaged by the Museum to serve as enthusiastic ambassadors in a way that will promote an exceptional and memorable Museum experience for every visitor and guest. It is our commitment to work together as a team. As an integral part of the SAM team, all volunteers need to be respectful, cordial, and helpful with each other and all of our visitors. We want each visitor to return again and again with their friends and family!

Volunteer Success Will Be Measured By:

  • Fulfilling all essential duties in the manner described above
  • Demonstrating professionalism and enthusiasm
  • Demonstrating dependability and being consistent about attendance and punctuality
  • Contributing to a team culture that reinforces the Museum’s ideals and standards
  • Taking initiative in the care and security of the Museum’s artifacts and property
  • Accepting supervision and evaluation of volunteer work to ensure that all expectations are met

How to Apply

For the grand opening, the Sullenberger Aviation Museum will be working towards developing a renewed and rewarding volunteer program. It is the volunteers and docents that make the story of aviation and our new mission come to life! We want to understand your interests, passions, skills, and availability, and match you with numerous opportunities to volunteer with this developing organization.

We are currently gathering information about those interested in volunteering. Once we understand more about you, your interests, and the opportunities to serve, we will reach back out to you for interviews, training, and possible volunteer opportunities.

The timeline for training will be around early 2024, so please do not be alarmed if you do not hear back from the museum right away.

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