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A First-Class Aviation Experience

Aviation touches all of us, and Sullenberger Aviation Museum offers something for everyone! Whether you are planning a family day trip, educational field trip, or corporate event, our Museum is the perfect destination for a first-class experience.

"By telling the stories of the people who shaped our aviation heritage, the Sullenberger Aviation Museum inspires future generations to write aviation's next chapter."

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Aircraft Exhibits

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The Sullenberger Aviation Museum, located at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, is celebrating its 25th year in 2018 as one of the South's premier aviation museums. Its diverse exhibitions tell stories that reach back to the very beginning of flight while embracing the multi-faceted world of contemporary aviation.

Walk through the indoor hangar deck and come face-to-face with an F-14 Super Tomcat, DC-3 commercial airliner, CH-46 helicopter transport, and the US Airways Airbus A320 which made a miraculous emergency landing on the Hudson River, Flight 1549, "The Miracle on the Hudson." Create your own adventure by climbing into the cockpit of an F-4 Phantom or Boeing 727. Get ready to experience the wonders of aviation and the stories of the aviators who flew into history.

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