Create a path for future innovators and Join the Flight Path today

The Flight Path Campaign: Cement Your Legacy in Aviation History 

This Giving Tuesday, consider supporting SAM’s “Flight Path” brick campaign. By purchasing a personalized brick, you not only secure your place in aviation history but also contribute to Sullenberger Aviation Museum’s mission to Inspire, Educate, and Elevate

Why Invest in a Brick? 

  • Aviation Legacy: Your brick becomes a tangible symbol of your passion for flight, prominently displayed in the plaza at the new museum, set to open in summer 2024. 
  • Support STEM Education: A portion of the proceeds from each brick sale goes towards fostering STEM education and workforce development, shaping the future of young minds. 
  • Exclusive Opportunity: With only a limited number of bricks available, this is your exclusive chance to be a part of the inaugural sale. 

Brick Options: 

  • 4×8” for $250 
  • 8×8” for $500 
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