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Honeywell and Sullenberger Aviation Museum (SAM) have teamed up to provide free science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programming to schools and community centers across the Charlotte region. This partnership to create a “museum without walls” has already served thousands of students, primarily in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

“As Charlotte and the surrounding region increasingly develop as an important hub for aviation/aerospace and other STEM-based industries, Sullenberger Aviation Museum sees itself as a vital connector for today’s students to tomorrow’s tech-based workforce,” said SAM President Stephen Saucier. “The very fact that Honeywell chose to move their headquarters to our city is a great testament to the fact that STEM careers, particularly in the Charlotte region, are on the rise. With this incredible support from Honeywell, our STEM education programs can reach more students and provide more opportunities for hands-on STEM learning that connect to career pathways.”

“Honeywell products and services are found on virtually every aircraft in the world, so partnering with Sullenberger Aviation Museum to drive deeper STEM immersion among Charlotte’s youth was a natural fit,” said Honeywell Chairman and CEO Darius Adamczyk. “We are looking to expose Charlotte area students to fundamental concepts in flight to help spark their interest in pursuing STEM careers.”


Available program offerings presented through the partnership include:

  • Safety and Survival for grades 3-12, where students will participate in hands-on activities that demonstrate the process behind aviation safety tools and introduce participants to the real people whose jobs are to keep aviation the safest form of travel.
  • Little Aviators, a program for pre-K students ages 3-5 and their caregivers that presents literacy and STEM skills through play, stories, and crafts.
  • Adventures in Aerodynamics for grades 6-12, which engages students by giving them the opportunity to design their own aircraft and test their design using recording devices and interactive models and implementing data analysis tools to identify areas for design improvement.

For a complete list of SAM program offerings, click here to download our Educator's Guide. SAM programs can be modified for large or small groups and are offered at no cost. To inquire about scheduling a program, contact Molly Kinyon, Programs and Volunteer Coordinator, at 704.997.3770 (ext. 3782) or molly@sullenbergeraviation.org.

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